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Anne Scott Glass Art

I am a contemporary kiln-formed glass and multi-media artist. Assembling small fused pieces into larger forms using copper wire and other techniques.

Image by Dave Williams

By a thread 

MA in Visual Practice Glass Exhibition at the National Glass Centre Sunderland

Featured om the  Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospital Trust Website

Anne Scott Wallflower

Flowerbomb and Takeover

My passion is for fused glass and to bring light and colour to lift spirits especially in difficult times. Glass is an illusionist in a kiln, a chameleon of materials, it can be opaque or translucent, smooth or textured, feather-light, or strong. Powdered coloured glass can be added to clear sheets in a painterly effect, or these same powders can be fused just on their own to make delicate sheets and formed into the petals of a flower.  Inspiration comes from colours and shapes found in natural world and particularly by my tiny back garden and the constant battle with nature and its weeds. The pieces "Takeover" and "Flowerbomb" are visual fantasies, representing a  “what if” scenario where the flowers like lilies, prized by so many for a bride’s bouquet or to adorn homes, were found growing out of a derelict brick wall spreading like weeds. “Best in show” is the reverse where a dandelion has become a coveted and award-winning prize specimen.  
Image by Dave Williams

Novus Fructus at the Shipley

Anne Scott. Dylan.jpg


A painterly portrait in fused glass of my grandson when he was aged 5 years old.

This method of fusing glass was taught to me by glass artist

Tim Carey

Anne Scott_edited.jpg


This is my first go at Tim Carey's method of fusing glass. This painterly portrait is of my best friends late mother, who died of covid in 2021.


Gateshead. Tyne and Wear. UK

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Anne Scott
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