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Anne Scott is a contemporary kiln-formed glass and mixed-media artist. Starting at home with just a 15cm x 15cm kiln she upgraded to a 30cm x 30cm kiln in lockdown 2020 to complete assignments for her BA(Hons) in Glass and Ceramics for which she studied at the University of Sunderland, based at the National Glass Centre. Wanting to make bigger works she soon discovered fusing copper wire within a piece gave me a system of constructing much larger 3Dimensional projects. In addition, playing around with firing schedules could add or remove texture within these pieces. And working with the chemical reactions that can be caused within some glass can add more drama to a finished artwork.

Her finished pieces can be both abstract, textured or take natures forms. These can be opaque or translucent. Delicate or strong, feather-light, or substantial. Smooth or textured. Glass is an illusionist in a kiln.

image by Emily taylor

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Anne Scott ,, Flowers

Artist Statement

My passion is in fusing glass. Glass brings light and colour to my soul and a finished piece can lift my spirit especially in hard times.
I began working in glass to get out of a bad place in my life. And keeping going with my art brings me joy each day I open my kiln.
I feel inspired by colours and shapes found in natural world around me. And find working with glass powders most fun. These can be added to clear glass to make a painterly portrait of something or someone. And these same powders just on their own to make a delicate flower.

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Member’s Spotlight 8th September 2021

On the 8th September 2021 I was luck enough to be made the spotlight artist for that day on the Contemporary Glass Society Website. This was then shared on their Facebook page. And then shared again by the Bullseye Glass Facebook page

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