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Anne Scott, Novus Fructus__edited.jpg

Behind Novis Fuctus

Art portfolio from my second year of my BA(Hons)

My project focused on the need humans have to genetically modify and alter plants to change the way a flower, fruit or vegetable looks and tastes, even their resistance to pests. But at the same time these same plants can likewise mutate into something deformed or more beautiful. That a colour or shape of a flower can be prized over the gorgeous scent that flower once had. Similarly, some search for a colour unheard of in nature like the quest for a true black Tulip or Rose. Even changing the shape of vegetables just so there is less wastage when processing it for sale. Some even try to genetically modify animal or human DNA to make them stronger or just change the colour of their eyes. Dogs are bred to look a certain way and can give that same dog lifelong health problems in doing so. And now in these strange times even a virus is mutating. I hope to make people think of the consequences and that it could result in something that is alien. My artwork below for this is my imaginings of mutant and deformed fruit.

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