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Tim Carey Glass Artist

image Tim Carey

Tim Carey came to my attention when I watch the film “Holy Frit” that was shown at the online Slamdance Film Festival. This was a film about him designing and making the largest stained-glass window in the world for the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood Kansas USA. This window named the “Resurrection Window” was going to be 3400 square feet. And the Judson’s Company who employed him from 2003 had won the commission to build it. At the time no one at this firm knew how something that big could possibly be made. His design was so detailed, and he realized it couldn’t be done solely with traditional methods.

“Resurrection Window” image Tim Carey

So, Tim sort out a glass master from Italy called Narcissus Quagliata who had designed a fusing technique using coloured glass and frit to put details into glass panels that had never been able to be done before.

Narcissus not only helped him to make the window which is a very powerful and moving piece of perfection. But taught him his methods, and together working with the Bullseye Glass Factory they succeeded in a very inspiring piece.

image Redhead by Tim Carey

Though the time he worked on the window he only got paid his normal hourly rate even though he ran everything as well as making each glass panel, which there was 161 of. After 14 years with them and a year after the completion of the window he left Judson’s to set up his own studio on the advice from Narcissus. I think this was a fantastic move for him as working for Judson he did not get what he deserved.

His work has since developed and is so beautiful and he is a master glass artist in his own right, and I can only hope to have a fraction of his talent.

Please look at his work to be inspired yourself click link below. or go to


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